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Our Story

Our Story

It is no coincidence that the initials for Tao Of Man are T.O.M., the acronym associated with Traditional Oriental Medicine. What separates Tao of Man from other skincare companies is that our formulas are composed of herbal extracts that have been handed down for generations and have been used specifically in Traditional Oriental Medicine to treat a number of skin conditions.

Our Sustainable Practices

We are committed to sustainable production practices because we realize that it is our responsibility to recycle and compost our raw materials to reduce global warming and pollution. Preservation of the Earth’s forests and biodiversity is up to all of us, so we are doing our part. Our promotional and sales materials are printed on 100% recycled paper and we use only recycled corrugated cartons and packaging products. We also refrain from adding secondary packaging.

  • NO artificial colors, dyes, or fragrances
  • NO human or animal byproducts
  • NO animal testing

Why the Tao?

The Tao cannot be defined, yet it permeates all reality. To go with the Tao is to flow with the undercurrent of life. Moving with the Tao, you are one with the whole. It is the way.

Tao of Man follows the philosophy that using natural ingredients follows the Tao of nature. By using raw herbs to create our extracts, we treat life with life, versus fighting nature, or using unnatural ingredients. Our formulas move with nature providing you with only the best for your skin.

When you use our products, you will see the difference for yourself.

The Meaning of the Enso Circle

The open circle represents the pursuit of perfection or enlightenment.  With one broad brush stroke the circle is created, but one segment remains open and imperfect.

The enso circle  symbolizes strength, harmony, enlightenment and the universe. It represents personal growth, discipline, dedicated practice, and balance of body, mind and spirit.